Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year in review

Hey all.

After posting this morning, I continued to think about all I've done in the last year. And then I went to the temple. And I realized that I focus too much on what everyone else does. Too much on what I didn't accomplish. Too much on the negative.

I've seen lots of year in reviews on other blogs, but didn't want to bother doing on for mine. But after realizing that I am full of worth, that my offerings are good enough, that I really am rather cool, I decided to compile a list of what I accomplished in 2010.

#1. I had a baby. Really, just on that note alone, I could call the year done. That is a major accomplishment! And since she's the bestest happiest, cutest thing around, I take great pleasure in that accomplishment.

#2. I built a table. My first knock off wood project, this was quite an adventure. I had a 1 month old, plus two other preschoolers, all the saws and such were at a different house, and I'd never really built a thing in my life before. But I did it (with Happy Mom's help, of course), and I love my table.

#3. I spent 19 HOURS sanding my living room. All I can say about that project is I'm glad it's over. It needed to be done, was annoying as anything, and put out so much dust I was cleaning for months. I also painted and redid some other stuff too. I'm so happy with the room now!

#4. I made an adorable room for my girls. Which I still love. It just makes me happy to walk in there and realize just how much work I put in, that actually paid off. The colors make me happy, the bunk bed gets lots of use, the quilts aren't falling apart - it's wonderful!

#5. I did a bunch of furniture stuff. I redid a chair, a dresser, made my own ottoman, bookcase, and bench for my kitchen table. I also fixed up a closet, and ripped all the wallpaper off in my kitchen (which I haven't blogged about because that's all I've done! That room needs a lot of work, hopefully this year!).

#6. I made my bathroom livable. Which was the project that first made me think I might be addicted to redos. (btw, the paint has only chipped a tiny bit on the vanity, and only where the kids use a handle as a step stool to climb up. It's holding up way better than I thought!)

#7. I re-designed my blog, making it look way cooler, added numbers, and doubled my followers (I'm up to 30!). I still remember the first time a stranger followed me - totally crazy. I still think you guys are crazy to read all my ramblings. Oh wait. I just insulted all of your intelligences. Shoot. Um, just forget I said any of that, and know that I'm grateful you're here!

#8. I became a crafting maniac, and did more than should be possible in 10 days.

#9. Read 90 books. Actually, I think it might have been more. But I added 90 books to my Goodreads list. But I'm trying to cut back. I've been sticking with my 3 at a time limit, and it's helping a lot.

#10. I watched my children grow. I played. I loved. I grew myself. And I wrote a list reminding myself that I'm pretty great.

You're great too. Thanks for sticking with me. Let's see where 2011 takes us!


  1. Yes, you most certainly ARE great! I sure love you, and I wish I got to see you more! You make me tired with all the amazing things you're accomplishing!

  2. I agree with Miss Nelson! You are totally great! I wish you lived closer so I could be more adventurous in doing some of the things you have done!! Of course then I might have to buy a house to fit it all! Love you lots!!

  3. You make me tired!!! (and I love having for my sister!)

  4. You ARE great!!! I think I am supposed to get to see my great daughter more often with all the rest of her family. Love you all


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