Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#26: My own Bank account

Money is such an interesting thing in a marriage. Especially if you have different ideas for how to handle it.

TO put it geographically, if Hubby was at the north pole financially, I was somewhere along the lines of Australia - not exactly polar opposites, but pretty darn close.

Fortunately, we kind of figured this out before we were married. We both kept our own bank accounts, and just added each other to ours. We both have full access to each other's money, but we keep everything separate.

Hubby has to get on at least once a day and balance his account to the penny. I keep a running total in my head and stop waaaaaaaaaay before zero. If Hubby has money, it burns like lava. I like to keep some socked away for later. If Hubby had his way, all cash and coins would be banned forever and only debit cards would be ever used. I spend way less when I get my budget in cash.

Two bank accounts does WONDERS for our financial life. He does things his way, I do things mine. As long as neither of us are over drawn, we're both happy.


  1. I think money can be one of the hardest obstacles for some marriages. All I know is it is important to figure it out. You are an example to me in numerous ways!!

  2. Andrew and I went through something like this. We were both raised by frugal families, but very different. My family were of the mind frame that you buy the best deal, shop the bargains, and try to make things work for as long as possible before they inevitably break and you have to buy another one. Andy's family comes from the mindset of investing in quality up front even though it means shelling out more cash initially, and only buying once. I have to admit, after six years of marriage I'm more converted to his way of thinking.

  3. Some "experts" say that separate bank accounts will ruin a marriage. Well after 50 years I can only say that for some of us, it's the only way. Glad it's working for you.


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