Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tooting my own horn

I love blogging. I don't do it enough, but when the moment strikes, to have a place to think things out, get them down for later, and be able to read again is priceless. I started this blog because I needed an outlet that involved more than just me reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar for the billionth time. I wanted a place to be me. To be silly, or crazy, or whiny, or ornery, or happy, or sad, or however the heck I was feeling. A place to just let it be loose.

So I created my own corner of the world for me. And you know what - I like it. I like me. Once and awhile, the urge comes to just read again my own words. And it's fun. I've actually made myself laugh, which is really weird. I have good ideas. I'm funny. I'm thought provoking. I like me.

So in that line of thought, here's a list of my favorite posts.
By me.
How narcissistic can you get?

If you were to list your favorite posts from yourself, what would they be?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Close. SO Close.

Bunk Bed: 80% complete. Needs only last coat of paint and assembly.

2 Twin Quilts: 78% complete. Need only binding.

Walls: 93% complete. Need only a bit of tape and last stripe.

General Decor: 50% complete. What I know I want is done, what I'm debating on is still up for . . .debate.

Total Girls' Room Progress: 73%

I'm close. So close I can almost taste it. There is actually an end in sight for this room!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Digging in the dirt

One of the hardest adjustments to being a home owner has been the outside. For 28 years, someone else has been in charge of the great outdoors. While I've done lots to help - mowing lawn, pulling weeds, planting peas, picking endless buckets of berries - someone else decided what to plant, when to harvest, how much punishment, I mean weeding was needed.

But now we're all grown up and stuff, and Hubby and I have to do that.

What's up with that growing up thing anyway?

The previous owners had a service for the yard. Not something we're willing to shell out much money for. Fortunately, they also had landscaping with little maintenance.

And we've done even less.

We're great at mowing the lawn. Someday, we'll get a weed whacker and no longer be able to mimic the Asian jungles around the edges.

Regular weeding . . . let's just be happy that most of the flower beds are covered with weed barriers and lava rocks.

In all my redoing (and doing and doing and doing), we've mostly just left the outside be. The whole 2 flowerbeds that actually need cultivating . . . . Ahem. Well, some of those ground cover weeds don't look to bad.

Today Buddy and I spent 2 hours in the dirt. We pulled weeds. We broke up dirt clods.

And then we dug really big holes and planted tulips.

I love the idea of planting in the fall for beauty in the spring. My actions now will change my yard for years to come. I have always been a "preparer". I love to get things done so I don't need to worry about them later. Especially when it's small little actions that make such big changes later.

Others in my family (which shall go nameless), are much more of the "I'll take care of it later" mindset. This works for them (except for when it doesn't and they are scrambling last minute. But that's another story.)

Bulbs are a wonder. The idea that such a small, funny looking clump can produce such beauty year after year after year - that with one tiny plop in the dirt I can bring life and color into the world. My actions for this were so small - the actual time to plant measured in just minutes. But the results are so large.

What actions can you do today to bring more beauty into your life? Playing with your children, Singing a song, Dusting that really tall annoying light fixture, Building a memory. Find time to bring joy. Don't put it off. Find time today to do one small act that will bring joy later.

You can thank me later when your harvest comes back to you, even better than you thought it could.

Here's to waiting for my flowers next spring.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Visiting Teacher Gives me Vodka and other random thoughts

My life is full.

Full of Joy. Full of Stuff. Full of laughs. Full of tears. Full of projects. Full of kids. Full of "hurry up we're late"s. Full of songs and snuggles.

Full of randomness.

Right now I'm full of writer's block. I've had that wonderful title in my mind for 3 whole weeks now. Have I done anything with it? Nope. Nothing more that write it down. Usually that is just enough to spark . . . something. Something profound, something goofy, something crafty, something lame - SOMETHING.

I got nothing. So instead, I flew standby with 3 small children. That was an adventure. I stressed out over silly, STUPID things. I cleaned my fridge. I printed two more scrapbooks. I worked on my girls' quilts.

And thought. And thought. And thought.

It's such a great title. Instead you get my writers block.

Sorry folks. Hopefully writing through it will jog my creativity. I'm in a bit of a creative funk all around.

*On a side note, my visiting teacher really did give me vodka last month. I've wanted to make my own vanilla for a while now, and she had a neighbor getting rid of a partial bottle. So I have a bottle of Vodka sitting on my counter right now, just waiting for me to get my act in gear and buy some vanilla beans. And for the about 2 of you who are not related to me or Mormon, this was silly because a Visiting Teacher is there from my church to talk about church stuff, and we don't believe in drinking alcohol. And that's all I have to say.
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