Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Piano Chair makeover

Some day I'm going to have a real piano bench. It will look beautimous in front of my real piano. Until then, we have a very nice keyboard, and a VERY old chair. Not old as in cool and antique, but old as in my-parents-had-thrown-it-out-and-I-rescued-it old. For the last 7 years it's looked like this at my house:

Obviously seen better days. It was actually coming apart in places and I worried anytime someone sat on it that it would collapse underneath them.
So I took it all apart, gave 'er a good sanding, tightened everything back down, replaced several stripped screws, added more screws and glue to try and overcome the support worries, painted the whole thing, recovered (and added a TON more padding) the ugly cushion and VOILA!
Ahh that's so much better!

I do have to admit I was a bit nervous about tearing apart a chair. But I'd read so many stories about how easy it is to do I decided to just go for it. It really is super easy to recover a chair like this!
(and look, my new living room paint color! I'll post a better one on the whole room once I figure out how I'm decorating the walls)



  1. If I'd known that old chair could look so good, I would have kept it. So glad it has a new life thanks to you. It may be easy, but I'm still very impressed.

  2. Way to go cutie! You are becoming a pretty good makeover girl! (meaning you make other things look fantastic and new)

  3. It looks great!! I'm so impressed!

  4. I'm impressed! I wish I still had the drive of a 20 something person!

  5. You have become quite the re-doer lately. Loving it!


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