Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Closet Chaos

You know that one place in your house that you never seem to get to? The one that collects clutter that just sits there being ugly? (please tell me you have one of those places too. If not, this post will be very lonely!) The one you're sure is going to take a million years to fix? And/or a thousand dollars to make look really nice? This was mine:
My hall closet. When we moved in, anything that just needed some kind of home got shoved in here. I've put a couple of things in different places, but I've never really re-done this puppy. It's just sat there, cluttered, unorganized, and UGLY! I recently read a blog talking about making things "good enough". If you don't have the money to make it the way you really want it, take a step back from "perfection," to "just good enough." Well, I could do that part, and it really was driving me crazy, so I finally decided to tackle it.
First off was some major needed organization. But, it was the wrong time of the budget to be shopping for containers to coral my mess. So I turned to that old staple: cardboard boxes. I was going to cover them in fabric, but didn't have any scraps big enough. So instead I cut off the flaps, slapped some paint the previous owners had left in the basement on them, and called it good.
Next I pulled everything off the shelves. I was trying to think ahead to when my baby will be into EVERYTHING. With that in mind, I moved the cleaners to the top, and the "big people" games up higher too. I tried to make all the low stuff baby safe.

Then I took off those ugly doors. Ahh, now I can actually see what's in the other half. My closet is so big now I can't even fit it all in one shot. A bit more straightening, and Viola!
Oh, that's so much better. It's not perfect - I really want better looking baskets and stuff. But it's such a huge improvement. It's my good enough for now version, and I'm happy with it.


  1. I wish you could come help me with my problem spot. (spots actually) this looks amazing. I think that anyone would be able to find what they needed in there.

  2. You've always had great organizing skills. When we get home, I really need to pick your brain and get organized. Looks great!

  3. I'm your newest follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!


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