Thursday, January 27, 2011

#24:digital scrapbooking.

All the cuteness (more because my mouse is more talented than my fingers), none of the mess.

I am frankly in awe of anyone who physically scrapbooks. The amount of time it takes, the amazing talent needed to make it look decent, the incredible cost of supplies! And really, you need your own room. When you add in the time of getting everything out, and putting it away, it's just too much. And the idea of all these little expensive things with little ones underfoot . . . well, let's just say I never even have had the guts to try.

Digital on the other hand . . .

Personally, I use a program called Memory Mixer. I got it for a Christmas present in 2007, and then the upgrade version in 2009. I love, love, LOVE this thing! There are literally thousands of free papers, embellishments, word arts and quick pages out there. I almost never pay for any of that stuff. The actual printing can get pricey, but I just wait for free book codes from sights like shutterfly and print then.

So far, I've printed 5 books. My kids love flipping through them. I love watching my kids grow up, and remembering the stories we tell.

Here are some of my favorite pages (just a few. 'Cause really, who wants to look at 50 pages of kids you don't know!)


  1. Oh but I do know these cute kids, and the one is the happiest little thing I know! I have never tried digital scrapbooking and didn't know that you could print on sites like shutterfly. Maybe I should figure out how to do that! Have you ever tried I wonder if it would work there because that is the cheapest place I know of to do book.

  2. What cute kids! I loved all of your pages...but not as much as the cute kids!!

  3. So cute! You need to teach me some of your tricks...and where you get all your free digi stuff.


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