Friday, January 21, 2011

#30: Spell Check

Yes, to start off my countdown, I have an ode to spell check. You guys have NO idea how much more intelligent I sound because of it! I can not spell to save my life. Nope. I'd be making funeral plans within the first two rounds of a spelling bee of death.*yes that is an actual picture of my screen typing a post. I zoomed in so to be only kind of embarrassed, instead of humiliated if you could see the whole thing.

It gets even worse when I'm in a hurry (and any time on the computer with little ones means I'm rushed!) My sister LOVES to bring up the time I spelled lips with two p's. Sometimes letters just pop out, and I honestly don't have a clue where the come from.

Actually, I would fully embrace converting over to the International Phonetic Alphabet. Sure, there would be almost double the symbols to learn, but once you learn the sounds and symbols, you'd never need to learn to spell! Reading would be easier to learn (r always says "ra"! there is no letter c! a diffrent symbol for every vowel!).

bæk ɪn kɑledʒ, et wʌz maɪ feɪvoʊraɪt tʊ rait ɪn. Sʊpɝ iziɝ tʊ lɝn neims fouɝ ʃɝ!

Ok. so it would take some time to change. Until then, I praise spell check!


  1. Um... I' pretty sure I'm to old to learn something that different. I too am very grateful for spell check. I just wits I could figure out how to use it when making comments.

  2. Mom, Update your browser! I know Firefox will check as you go. I think the new explorer will too!


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