Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The new boys room

Sooooo . . . 20 months really flies by, huh! 
Here’s a brief recap of that time: we prepped our house to sell, listed it, sold it in 3 days, moved in with friends, moved across country to our new house.  I was going to do a before/after for the whole house . . . and then got distracted!
We’ve been in this house for almost exactly a year now, and I finally decorated a room!  This time I started with the boys room – it was time for Jelly Bean to finally get out of that crib and into a big boy bed.

Let’s get to the good stuff: the pictures!
Before: (yes, it’s crazy messy. I forgot to retake some after making the kids clean up!)

After! (if I was a professional blogger, the before pictures would probably be crummy, and the afters amazing. But I’m just a casual one, snaping pictures with my phone.  But I cannot even express how happy this room makes me!







So here’s what I did: painted the whole room Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.
Moved the furniture around so it fit better. Hung up a bunch of stuff.  Sewed a quilt and a pillow(Buddy’s is the same as the last house, I just made a second one for Jelly Bean)  That’s really it.  It took me a year because we didn’t want to go into debt for anything, so it took saving up for a while and then I’d buy one big thing. Or a couple of little ones.

Resource list:

Rug is from

ping pong ball lights: white led strand from Ikea, spray painted cheap ping pong balls, cut a small square out, and hot glued them on.  They are hung with regular nails (top bunk) or command hooks (bottom bunk)

"book" shelves are ikea spice racks (of course!)

Pictures are from, frames are the Fiskbo series from ikea.

Magnetic dart board is from bed bath and beyond.

Curtains are from

I made the “you are my sunshine” sign above the closet door.

magnet boards next to the window were a dollar spot find at target months ago - they were super ugly, but a little paint helped that out!

I even attempted a couple of panoramic shots for you: we start at the door to the room, go clockwise around past the closet, window, dressers, bunk bed to end up at the same door.

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