Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fortune Cookie

Guess what I've got!

Yup - it's book #11 in the Sadie Hoffmiller series.

I'll admit, this book was harder for me to read.  Usually Sadie is rather removed from the crime (although she always wiggles her way into the people surrounding it!). But this time it's her estranged sister.  She meets family she never even knew existed.  There is all kinds of relationship stress.  And the whole book takes place in less than a week.  It's a crazy packed adventure.  (ok, I say harder.  That meant instead of taking about 4 hours for me to devour it was around 10!)

Because we have to test the recpies so far in advance, I've usually forgotten which ones are in the book until it comes out.  One of my favorite parts of these books is when a recipie is mentioned.  I'm flooded with memoires, either of how devine it was (that would be the nuttella french toast), or how hard it was to make it awesome (mincing anchovies is one of the most disgusting things I've ever done.  Just use anchovy paste for the dressing!)

Want a copy?

Leave a comment.  Hmm, let's have you tell me the best memory you have of the last few weeks.  Maybe you had something big happen, maybe you just saw a tulip start to grow -whatever is great!

Contest will run through 8 pm Sunday March 29.  I'll announce the winner the next day!
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