Monday, January 31, 2011

#20: The Internet

How often have you ever made the comment "what did we do before google?" It comes up all the time around our place. The internet is an amazing thing. There is so much knowledge at your fingertips. You can find almost anything!

Because of the internet, I had the courage to spend 19 hours sanding my living room (and I finally found my inspiration source too!). I've found old friends. I've made dozens of new ones. I've switched my laundry detergent and now make my own dryer sheets (I use #3). I taught myself how to crochet some tricky stitches. I've learned how to make furniture. I've been super crafty. I've learned what platypuses eat.

Because of the internet I've grown, and stretched myself. I've gained knowledge and courage I'd never had. I've become such a better person.

Like any good thing there are drawbacks and pitfalls. (and major wasting of time too!) But I am very happy that I have a world of knowledge, a world of friendship, and world of assistance all at my desk.


  1. Very well said! You make me want to spend more time finding the new and inspiring things to try!!

  2. I love the internet too. I also love the fact that I have wonderful children that can help me out when all that wonderful tecnology goes beyond my feeble mind.


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