Thursday, January 24, 2013

Read with me

I am a reader.


Just ask my mom.

When I was 16 I got my own room.  It was awesome.  After several months, I realized I was right next to the work room - which had its own exit.  I could sneak out and my mom would NEVER KNOW.

It took a few nights to work up the courage. Then I carefully placed my sneakers on my too wide feet, eased open that work room door, and tiptoed up the cement stairs. The whole world was at my fingertips.

What did I do with all that freedom?

I sat on the swing set and read. 

I was such a rebel.

Reading is my escape.  It lets me turn off reality for a short time and explore another world. A place where all my problems will be solved in 400 pages. 

Even in my busiest times, I have a book I'm reading.  All through college, or testing, or potty training, I find time to read - even just 15 minutes during lunch.

I also love Good Reads. It lets me keep track of just how many books I love, and helps me remember what those books actually are. 

With all that in mind, I'm going to start something new here. I am NOT turning this into an actual book blog. But I am planning on putting a few thoughts once and a while on what I'm reading.

And I actually set a reading goal this year.  75 books. Should be easy (I've done 10 in 3 weeks). And you guys can keep me on task too -there's a widget over on the side there that shows my progress.

Want to join me?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A personal before and after

While I wish this was me saying I’m now a size 6, this personal improvement is a bit quicker to achieve.


Guys, it’s been almost 14 months since I had a haircut.   It’s just sad.  My hair has been bugging me for at least 9 of those months.  And I still put it off and off and off.


So here I am.  I wanted to look nice, so I even put on some make up.  Make up on a Wednesday, I must love you guys!

But I apparently drew the line at actually doing my hair. Which is one of the huge reasons I needed a hair cut.  See, I am actually capable of making hair look ok. But I’ve learned, if my hair gets past my shoulders, 97% of the time it will look like this:


Always. I just throw it back in a claw or pony tail.  I was DONE!


There is an awesome beauty school fairly close to me. They do incredibly professional work, and a hair cut is only $5.  I also really wanted something new. I’ve had the same style for 3 years now, and I was ready for a change.  So I got brave. 

When the girl asked me what I wanted, I said something new, what would you suggest!  She thought I’d look good with a swing bob.  I was clueless what that was! After the description, I agreed, as long as it wasn’t too crazy choppy in the back. 


And we also did a longer than normal version of it.


So after, 5 inches cut off the back and 3 1/2 in the front, here I am:


I can’t believe how much better it feels! It’s not so heavy, so yucky, so in my face.  I’m loving it!


Now I just have to see if I can style it like she did!



Ready for some outtakes? Did you know just how hard it is to take a good picture of yourself in the mirror?  I liked the coloring better that way, but oh dear, it was hard!


And very quickly you feel like every picture looks like this :


And you feel like this:





Oh well!


Saturday, January 12, 2013





I've been feeling like I should blog for 2 weeks now.




All I've got is crickets.  It's not like things aren't happening around here. They are - Christmas joys, first baby tooths, massive colds, strange fevers, turning every single toy in the house into a swaddled baby, IEPs, assembling bunkbeds, finally teaching 'Lil the joys of the toilet.

But nothing earth shattering. Nothing gripping.  Just life.

And all my creative juices are being sucked up into that just life.  I don't have the words to type.  just more crickets.




And maybe that's enough.
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