Thursday, March 1, 2012

She Failed!! HOORAY!!!

Remember back several months ago when we started the process of getting ‘Lil tested?  And remember how she wasn’t delayed enough to qualify?  It’s been 4 months, so we went ahead and retested.

And she failed! With flying colors!


Ok, so it totally feels wrong that I’m celebrating my child’s failure.  But because her language skills are so bad, she actually qualifies for help this time.  It’s possibly some of the best news I’ve received all week.

We are also having her hearing tested – just to make sure there isn’t a problem there that would explain her lack of talking.  Can I just say, pediatric audiologists are TROOPERS!!!  We only got through one ear, and there is actually a possibility of a problem in that ear. However, it was at the end of the test, and it’s also ENTIRELY possible that ‘Lil was just DONE, so they’ll retest that frequency on the next try. 

We’re just at the first of this venture, but we officially qualify for services.  Next we’ll do a full meeting where we write up the full service plan and all that, and then we can start therapy!

Hooray for the possibility of communicating with my daughter!!!


  1. Hooray! Oh, I'm so happy for you! Like you, I know that sounds weird to be celebrating, but you and I both know first hand how much these services can really help a child!

  2. Ok 1) She is so stinking cute! 2) I am glad that means you can finally be able to get some help and communicate with her!! Keep us posted and sure do love and miss you all!!

  3. HOORAY!! (Yep, we're a family who celebrates failure!) Congrats on getting help so you can communicate! That is wonderful! I'm very happy for you! (And I agree with Leann, she is super cute!)

  4. Good luck! I know it's been a real worry for you. So I'm glad you were able to get help!

  5. She has always been able to communicate. Those eyes speak volumns. I'm sure it will be nice to have actual words coming from those cute lips, but I hope the eyes will continue to tell wonderful details that words just cannot.


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