Friday, March 23, 2012

Last minute joy

Our house has a problem. A very small problem.  A problem that only emerges once a year.

We have a leprechaun infestation.

They first appeared when we lived in Euless.

It's amazing just what chaos those little guys can cause.

In the past, we've tried to trap them, but with no success.

This year, we forgot they were even coming.  St Patrick's Day was Saturday. I was awoken at 7:45 am by Happy Mom knocking on my door.  (I hate it when I sleep through my alarm!). Her Girly-Whirl was coming over to spend the morning.  No one else was awake.  I went downstairs and failed to notice any problems, but sat the computer to check something.  Then I realized that it was St Patrick's Day.  My children began to awaken.  I started them on some breakfast (and managed to smuggle some loot downstairs).  10 minutes later, I broke the news.  Girly-Lou was in the middle of elaborate trap ideas.   I informed her that it was too late - the infestation had already occurred.

The children followed me downstairs to look at the damage. 

The party this year was mild compared to years past.  And the leprechauns did leave a payment of chocolate coins.

There just happened to be enough for the three older kids to have the same amount, with a few left over for 'Lil.

I love having children young enough to believe in the impossible.  And I love even more that with 10 minute preparation on my part, that last minute joy can be found.


  1. I love that you do this! It makes me want to steal your idea. I also LOVE the picture of Girly-Lou from Euless. You're a great Mom!

  2. Abbie told me all about this in great detail!! She and Shanna finished up the chocolate coins today.

  3. I kind of thought about your tradition on St. Patrick's day and hoped we would get to hear about the infestation. Love that you do this!!

  4. I love it when my children continue old traditions from when they were children. It makes me think we must have done something right. However, it is so fun to hear of new ones and the fun they bring to our darling grandchildren. Keep up the great creativity. Someday I'm going to be there for this one.


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