Monday, February 27, 2012

Bathroom, Day 8

It’s actually looking like a real bathroom in here!


Today when it was time to get started, my Dad said “Well, finally the reason you flew me out here to begin with!”  That’s not actually true, but I will admit we wouldn’t have planned for nearly as much tile if it wasn’t for him!


Dad worked super hard today. The tile saw was NOT all that he wanted it to be, there were a bunch of annoying cuts, and it was just much slower than he wished.  But after a long day, my shower looks like this:




It’s so pretty!  I LOVE this tile! We looked at several different places for tile. I decided I wanted porcelain, not ceramic, because it looks better longer (more like natural stone without the super high price!).  Lowes by FAR had the best price.  That decorative stripe (which is always the most expensive part), is actually 12x12 mosaic tiles, cut into 12 x 3 strips, so you can get 4 pieces out of each one.  It saved us about $20 doing it that way, and I LOVE it!


Hubby was also working while Dad was. He wired up the plugs and the first light (the second light was right above the tile saw, so that will have to wait!), and did a whole bunch of the little finishing things.


*Light switches make me way too happy!


  1. Ok I LOVE the tile! It is so pretty! I am glad things are starting to take shape. That usually helps push through to the end. Love you all!!

  2. It looks good! Nice work. With the tile I think the blue looks really nice. But maybe it's just the screen shot. But the bathroom looks great!


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