Monday, March 5, 2012

The final bathroom, at last!

It’s done, guys! The bathroom is finally done!!*


My big hang ups on getting this finished were the mirror and the hook shelf.  I knew what I wanted, it was getting Hubby to agree to it.  First of all, he hated the mirror I planned on using.  I had an old regular mirror that I was planning on using molding for a frame.  I’ve seen dozens of these, it would have been great!

But Hubby honestly has an aversion to used things. And there was this small scratch in the glass.  I thought we could work around it, but Hubby wouldn’t hear of it.  So we spent a couple of days looking for a suitable replacement.  Finally, we found a clearance mirror at Hobby Lobby for $60. WAY more than my $10 plan, but I did love it.  It was the most beautiful aqua color – I had a very hard time sanding it down!  But I knew the aqua would have clashed horribly, and finally did it.

If you look close, you can see a bit of that aqua peeking through!

Hard to see with that light on!

Now you can see the mirror!

From the first, Hubby hated the idea of hooks. He wanted a regular towel rack.  But we need to hang up 5 towels in this room!  He was sure that my shelf idea would be ugly and obnoxious (he also has a hard time visualizing things before they are finished!).  But when my friend gave me this black shelf for free, I knew it would be perfect!

If I had a million dollars I would have bought coordinating towels too. But honestly, using what you’ve got is so more my style!

Hubby also has this shave kit that needs to be hung up (along with a hand towel, of course!). I put together a bar style drawer pull on a plaque from hobby lobby, and we were in business!


Tonight, I finally finished it all.  And did some quick decorating too.  Ever the classy one, and lacking frames, I just taped up the pintables I’m thinking of using!


This little stool was the cutest spring green – but also would have clashed. So it also got a coat of  white.  I love the idea of a wire basket for the kids bath toys (but not this one. It was a use what you have night!)  However, ‘Lil loves to throw them all into the tub, so I’m looking for a better option!


Here’s all the nitty gritty details:
Tub: american standard clean artic white, Lowes $300
Faucets: Moen Caldwell, Lowes $220
Tile: Roman stone thru color porcelain in beige, Lowes $255
Decorative stripe: 12x12 mosaic (cut into 3x12 pieces), Lowes $30
Vanity: craigslist, $200
Light: craigslist, $20
Mirror: Hobby Lobby, $60 (clearance)
Fan/light: Harbor Breeze alta, Lowes, $90
Shelf: from neighbor, free
Hooks: hobby lobby, $9
small stool: hobby lobby, $12 (clearance)
large stool: Amazon, $30 (but they sell them at bed bath beyond for a lot cheaper I found out later!)
Little towel bar: drawer pull, Lowes, $8.  Plaque, hobby lobby, $5
Paint: all from Sherwin Williams: Rain drop (walls) $30. Alabaster (trim) $18. Plus ceiling and primer $50
Door: prehung, Lowes, $80
Knob: from Lowes, $20
Shower Curtain: Lowes, $17
Bath mat: Kohls, $20
Printables: (all hotlinked to sources) Gratitude, We Become, Simple Things. Free
Various plumbing, lumber, electrical, etc. $1275

Grand total: $2730.  We went $230 over budget, which actually surprised me. Everything was so much less than what I had thought. . . except that last category.  I had budgeted 600, and it was SO much more than that! Oh well, live and learn!

And because who can resist a great before/after, here you go!
How we first lived with it:


After my freebie makeover:


and now!

*Wow, you actually read clear to the end of my ramblings! Yes, I say this is done, but I know I need to get frames for those quotes, and actually figure out how to decorate in here with stuff that can stay in this room as opposed to stuff I swiped from the rest of the house. And I do want to repaint sometime, and put up crown molding and. . . ! But for now, it’s done!

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  1. Fantastic! You guys did a great job. Isn't it amazing how much these projects seem to take in time and money. But it looks awesome!

  2. Oh, I like the shelf!! (Hope he's okay with it!)

  3. Wow! So much better than before, that weird wood cave thing! I really love your wall color! Great job Laree! :)

  4. So great. You did a wonderful job!

  5. It looks AMAZING! I absolutely love it!!


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