Friday, March 30, 2012

The clothing chaos

One of the reasons I’ve been SO excited to know the gender of my little peanut was the opportunity to GET RID OF THE FLIPPIN CLOTHES!!!  Because we know this will be the last, I’ve been very excited to get rid of an entire gender worth of clothing.  I knew I had kid clothes all over the place, but I did not realize just how bad it was until I actually started to pull them out.

For your perusal:


Holly Heifer!  And this is me being half way done! Yesterday I spent several hours organizing all the girl stuff – including THREE boxes of tiny baby clothes to pass down to my sis!  And now I get to figure out all the boy stuff . . . .

Wish me luck. If I don’t resurface from the chaos in 12 hours, call out the search parties!

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  1. :) I've started sorting through my cloths to find maternity stuff. My house is looking similar. That's what you get when you pack in a hurry.. a little bit of what you need in everything.


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