Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bathroom redo, days 9-17

So, as the title might suggest, there’s a big need to combine a WHOLE bunch of days in here!


Let’s start with days nine and ten.  On day nine, Dad and I grouted the walls, he laid all the floor, and then we also grouted the floor. It was a big day!


Day 10 I did some touch up painting, and Dad did a TON!  He set the vanity, set the top, hooked up all the fixtures for the sink, set the toilet, and hung the door.  In one day, we went from needing to make progress to having a useable bathroom!


Then Dad had to go back home, and work ground to almost a halt.  Once the toilet worked, my motivation to get things done quickly vanished.  Of course, there was also the detail of me not being able to do that much with ‘Lil awake!


Once  Hubby came home, more progress was made.  He fixed the fan/light, I hung baseboards.   He hooked up the shower/tub stuff, I caulked the vanity and tub.  Then he went back to work, and I veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy slowly made progress on the rest of the room.  And next time I’ll FINALLY show off the whole thing!


  1. Hurray for a bathroom on the main floor. My knees ached thinking of the many times each day you did the up and down thing. I'm sure life is much better now, and you won't ever take that lovely new bathroom fo granted.

  2. Looks awesome! With the white vanity and doors that blue looks so elegant! Love it!


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