Friday, February 11, 2011

#9: Learning a New Skill

One of the best things in life is learning something new. I loved school. (ok. let's be honest. I loved learning. The cramming for tests/writing boring papers/stupid parking rules not so much!) I love finding out new things, gaining new talents, finding new passions. I remember the first time I ever baked a loaf of bread. I had been married for 3 years, and decided I wanted to try something new. I loved it. We have homemade bread/rolls/bread bowls around here about once a week.

Since I started this blog, I've gained skills in:
  • crocheting
  • painting (furniture and walls here people! Painting art is a whole 'nother ball a' wax!)
  • carpentry
  • machine quilting
  • sewing a doll
  • lots of scrap booking skills too!
I love the learning phase - finding sources, gathering tips, that stuff. I love the actual doing part - chopping wood, slicing fabric, pouring paint. but most of all, I love the sense of accomplishment when it's done. When you can stand back and say "hey, I did that!", and then walk past it every day and fall in love with it all over again!

What skills have you learned lately?


  1. You really have done some amazing things!! You have inspired me in several ways (I just need to follow through in doing them):D Love you lots!!

  2. You are very awesome. I love all your creations, but the very best ones and the 3 beautiful grandchildren you've added to our family. You did a REALLY great job on that!


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