Sunday, February 13, 2011

#7; friends

As a tween, I dreamed of having a "bosom friend" (I may or may not have been SERIOUSLY obsessed with LM Montgomery for several years!). But I never did. In fact, I despaired because I didn't have that glorious bond with one other female.

It wasn't until after I was married that I realized why. I have lots of friends. LOTS. I make friends easily. But if your circle of friends numbers in the dozens, it's a bit tricky to get that tight with just one person.

I now have people that I count as friends living in a dozen different states. Some I've known as long as I've been alive. Some I met just a few months ago. But everywhere I've been, every where I've lived, I've been able to find some very good friends.

I love making new friends. I love finding like minded people to play with. I love my crafting friends. I love my cooking friends. I love my reading friends, my same-stage-of-life friends, my not-even-close-to-stage-of-life friends. I love my bloggy friends. (yup, that's you!)

I learn so much from my friends. I find inspiration in their trials. They help me figure out my distresses. They enlighten me with their tips, and words, and crafts, and love.

Thanks for being my friend!


  1. You are so cute! I love all of your posts and the way that they help me remember the different things that I am so blessed with! Love you lots!

  2. "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold". Don't know if those words are exact, but friends near and far are one of the really great things in life.


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