Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#12: the wind

*have you ever tried to find a picture of wind. Not exactly an easy task!

The wind makes me happy. It invigorates me. It fills me with contentment, joy, excitement.

Have you ever spent the afternoon running through a windswept field? Or flying kites with a strong warm wind blowing? To feel the air buffeting around me, sweeping my hair away, filling my heart and lungs with motion.

How's that for a crazy favorite? I don't know why I love the wind so much. But I love that sensation of movement washing over me.

That might be why I love The Goose Girl so much!


  1. A nice little wind is always fun...wait I take it back. The wind this morning as I was scraping off my car was a little too cold but usually I like the wind :D Love you lots!

  2. Summer breezes are wonderful. Hurricanes are not, but I like wind too.


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