Sunday, November 16, 2008

What we're watching: Expelled

Hubby and I watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed last night. It was a fascinating, disturbing experience. The basis of the film is that in science of all places, politics is squashing questions. Seriously. The idea that science won't allow certain questions to be asked. . . .Isn't that the idea OF science? To question everything in order to better understand?

Here's a fact: evolution is a theory. It is presented as fact and law, but there MANY many holes in it. For example, it only starts after the first cell is already present. It cannot explain how the first cell got there.

But anyone that wants to put something else forward will be blacklisted. Literally. The documentary Chronicles several examples of this. The alternative to Darwinism is "Intelligent Design". Many have called this movement "trumped up creationism". While it has a few themes similar to creationism, it is actually very different. The basis of intelligent design, is not to prove that there is 1 certain God, or even that there is a God at all. It is simply that life is too complex to be completely explained by evolution or natural selection. It is the idea that there is proof (they say) that there is a "design" behind life, and that it is an "intelligent design" that started it. Think of it like a "god" but not necessarily a "God".

I felt the film was brilliant. Many of the ideas put forth I had never considered, but rang true. On of the frustrating things about evolution, is it in turns leads to atheism. To remove any purpose of life, also removes any personal responsibility for actions ("eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die and that is the end of it"). It removes good and evil because it turns everything into just instinct.

The most telling example of this was the link to Darwinism and the Natzis.

I recommend this to everyone. If the science community is refusing to let people ask questions, who can we trust?

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