Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stomp: an awesome experiance

Yesterday my sister and a few friends came up for a short visit. The plan was for all of them to attend a performance of Stomp. Much to my joy, one of the girls canceled last minute. Since they now had an extra ticket, and I had a willing husband to watch the kids, I got to go to.

It was like a dream come true.

Seriously. I've wanted to go see Stomp since I was in High School. They are flippin' awesome! Apparently they've done the same show for like 15 years, and after this year they are retiring the show and will start something else.

For those in the audience that are not familiar with Stomp, basically they are a percussion band (and by definition, percussion instruments are ones that you hit), that use real life items for their songs. For example: the show started with an amazing number where the whole group was pushing brooms. Seriously. They push their brooms in alternating rhythms, adding in the occasional bang from the broom handle, or stomp of the foot. The next number was done with boxes of matches. There was one with folding metal chairs, with lighters, with flexible pipes. You name it, they can make a song out of it. And as they are doing all this baning around, they are also dancing, climbing, jumping, all over the stage. For almost 2 hours they did this, with out stopping.

I expected the show to be musically awesome. I expected it to be visually astounding. I did not expect the humor. The whole audience was laughing.

My sister and I spent the entire time with huge grins plastered to our face. I also spent a considerable portion just shaking my head in amazement. The incredible talent displayed by these people was astounding. The rhythms they produced literally banging on pots and pans - I just can't come up with enough words. So I'll sum up the whole experience with one word.



  1. I totally agree! It was amazing. I think everyone should be jealous that we were able to go! Thanks again for putting us up, and you're the best!

  2. I saw it years ago and loved it. I found it both inspiring and up lifting.
    Kim from Momformation


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