Friday, November 21, 2008

My killer deal of the day

Can I just share: apples are one of my favorites. I grew up with a mini orchard of red delicious apples. If you've never had a freshly picked red delicious apple, you are missing something. They are nothing like the waxy mushy apples you get in the store. Alas, now I live a couple thousand miles away from that goodness, so I've needed something different. I've discovered that I have two favorite kinds: Fuji's and Gala's. Fuji's I believe to be superior, but also much more expensive. As a result, we eat almost exclusively, gala apples.

So almost a month ago, Albertson's had gala apples for only 88 cents. Now that's a killer deal. I waited a few days (ok, I waited until the paycheck came) and went to get my apples. I walked in to the produce department. Right as you walked in, there was this large display. It was covered in happy Halloweeny paper, surrounded by nasty prepackaged fake caramel stuff, you know, the whole schebang. Only there was a small problem: not a single apple was visible. I looked around, hoping there was another display, but they were sold out. I asked the produce guy, who told me I could get a rain check, since they had more in the warehouse, and should be getting another shipment any day. I've never gotten a rain check before, but at the rate my family eats apples, this one was worth it.

The rain check was good for 30 days. A few days ago I found it (again) when I was cleaning out my purse. I realized I only had a week left, and thought I'd better go buy some before I spent that $10 on something else! This morning I bundled up the kids (it was a glorious 42 degrees this morning!), put them in the stroller, and walked over.

The apples were beautiful. An overflowing selection greeted me. I let the kids help me pick some out. Soon we had two of those flimsy bags stuffed full. At 9.68 lbs, it was a bit short of the 10 I was planning on, but I didn't want to spend more than that $10 bill I had.

We go to check out. The cashier looks at the rain check like she's never seen such a thing. I even hear her mutter "do we do these?" She tries a couple of different options, even charging me 88 cents for the whole lot. Finally she calls a manager over. The manager is also a bit lost. Apparently they don't get many rain checks for produce. Since they only have 1 register open, the line keeps getting longer and longer behind me. Finally, I honestly think she just estimated in her head what it should cost. She rang one bag up for $3.00, and the other bag for $3.50, and I left. I knew they had tried everything, so I wasn't going to fight them over undercharging me so much. When I got home, I added it up: it works out to be $.67 a pound. Man, I really wish I would have gotten 15 lbs!

Picture: my crisper drawer full of apples. Isn't it a beautiful sight! And in case you were wondering, I am feeling a bit better. Still have a nasty cough, runny nose, etc, but I'm not ready to die anymore!


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