Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My name:

Ok, so someone asked on a previous post if my name really was Laree. Having no way to contact her (Hi Janelle in case you ever look at this again!), I started on a really long comment. Half way through, I realized this was getting marathon in length, and decided to just to a post on it (even though I still feel lousy. I know, you're all rubbing your fingers together for the world's tiniest violin)

Yes, Laree really is my name. People always spell it LaRee, but my Dad was anti two capital letters According to a facebook app, that scans the latest census records, there's about 1500 Laree's in the nation. I've met about 5 myself . . . The first Laree I ever met was about 98 and in a nursing home. I think she was about 4 foot 3, and was in the tiniest little wheel chair. I don't think she understood me when I told her that was my name too, but she did ask if she could sing me a song. In a very broken monotone voice she began "Jesus wants me for a Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Beam!" It was very cute.

Since then, I've met several people with Laree/LaRee as a middle name. There is a little 18month old in my ward (that's a congregation in my religion) with the same name. It makes me very happy to talk to her.

Most people have ever never heard of my name, or they had a great aunt Laree. Apparently it was pseudo popular around 1900. I've always really like it. It's unique (and in a family of 8 kids with 7 girls, unique was always something I was looking for.) People either instantly remember it because it's unique, or they can NEVER remember it because it's unique.

In case you were wondering, actually all 8 kids have L names. Yup, we were one of those crazy families. Something I was determined to not do to my kids. I remember when we were young, and we'd play computer games. Back then memory was scarce for computers, so most high scores you could only list your initials. None of the girls had middle names, so the whole list was "LN" it bugged. But really, I'm over it now.

Ok, now I get to go lay down and die again. Really, I'm done today

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  1. Alright Ms. Original name. Good for you! Us poor little sisters of the "L" family just didn't have a chance. Fgrms Grmsn Biblical-tender-eyed fshmrgn. Oh, and feel better, will ya?


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