Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bathroom, Day 7

Today, I was the star of the show.

Originally, because we were so far behind, today was going to be tile day and I wasn’t going to paint until everything was finished.  But my smart Dad started thinking, and realized we could work it out this way.

So bright and early, I got started.  With a brand new room, there is A LOT of paint to buy!
I started with a coat of primer on the walls, followed immediately by a coat of ceiling paint.


That green board is SUPER dark, and I thought I’d be happier with a second coat of primer. So, four hours later, I did that second primer, followed by a second coat on the ceiling.
Four hours later, the color actually went on the walls!


*Confession: I’m not super happy with the color. Actually, on my screen it looks just the way I wanted to in this shot.  But in person, it’s too baby blue.  I debated between this shade and a different one, and finally went with this one because I thought the other was too gray.  Oops! Well, someday I’ll repaint it!

Four hours after that, I finished with the last coat of paint.  Depending on how you count that, I did 6 coats of paint in one day.  All by myself too!  It was about 5 1/2 hours of painting, but I’m so happy it’s done now, instead of trying to paint around all the tile!


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