Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bathroom build, days 1-4

Yes, I’m combining a ton of days here.  That’s because not much worth taking pictures of happened in these days!

Day one: I wanted to get the tub set this day, but thought that might be a bit much.  Oh Yeah. I over estimated!  Dad got to my house about 3:00 pm. He spent 2 hours looking and planning everything. Then he and Hubby went shopping. 3 1/2 hours later, they were finally done. That’s all that happened that day!

Day two: I was SURE the tub would be set this day, and Dad was hoping to maybe get the sheetrock hung. Nope! Wrong again! See, originally, the builders just built two walls and put all the pluming between those instead of in the 2x4’s like you’re supposed to.  And getting all those pipes moved over and switched to the better pipe and all that involved two more trips to different stores, an insane amount of work, and way too much stress!  And the electrical was off most of the day (along with the water), so I didn’t have a whole lot I could do around the house either! But, by the end of this day most of the pluming was finished, and a good share of the electrical was also complete.

Day three: Dad was positive we’d get the sheetrock done this day. NOPE! (are you seeing pattern here!) But the tub was finally set, the rest of the pluming complete (hooray for no more hot and cold mixing together!). I have no clue what else took 12 hours today1

Day four: Ok, today FINALLY all the electrical was done and the framing completed.  I only made three separate trips to the store to get supplies for them!  Sheet rock was started, but they ran out of screws, and it was late, so that will take another day!

I’ve been really bad at remembering to take pictures at night when the boys are done, and they start so early in the morning that that’s hard too! but here’s a shot of where we are after day 4!

The biggest problem now is light!  This room is super dark. But our neighbor is letting us borrow some work lights, so that will help!

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  1. Kind of fun to watch the progress (or Not). Also really fun to see pictures of that cute man helping you; although a few of the grandkids would also be great.


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