Friday, February 17, 2012

Bathroom remodel, Demo Day 1

My wonderful hubby is patient enough to put up with my crazy ideas. Although he has NEVER done any construction work, he believes me when I tell him we can completely gut and redo our bathroom without hiring it out.  Why do I think we can do this?


Because this  awesome, very funny man, just happens to be my father. He was county building inspector for 30 + years, plus laid tile professionally for decades. If it has to do with construction, he knows it.  And he’s willing to fly out to help us!


So, let’s start out with the before:


Here’s what we’ve been living with. It’s better than the original!



But obviously this is something that has to be fixed up correctly before we ever try to sell this house (not that we plan on moving any time soon, but still, it’s something that needs to be done!)


Hubby was CONVINCED that  it would take him 2 weeks to demo it.  I laughed. He obviously has never done demo! We had a friend come over for some grunt work, and in 5 hours it looked like this:


Wow. It’s kind of amazing how much bigger a room looks without a tub in it!


Hubby did accidentally cut a pipe.  And it did take another 4 hours to figure out how to fix that pipe. Finally, since I really rather needed to have water for the next 2 weeks! We decided to just cut it off and cap it.  We’ll be replacing that whole section anyway!

Demo isn’t done yet, we still need to take down this whole wall:


But we decided to leave that for a while so we have a way to keep our 2 year old out of there!

I also picked up a roll of that sticky plastic stuff to cover up some of our carpet. I like this carpet, but it has such a crazy thick mat:


That It’s hard to get junk out of it!


So now I’m without an upstairs toilet for the next two weeks (well, two weeks until we start construction!) Middle of the night bathroom runs aren’t too fun, but at least we have running water!


  1. Love that first picture. Love the children and that awesome, funny man. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. I agree with Grandma about that first picture! I can't wait to see the whole before, during and after pictures!! Love you all!!

  3. I LOVE the picture of Grandpa!!! So stinking cute!


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