Friday, February 24, 2012

Bathroom Build Days 5 and 6

HOORAY!!! The sheet rock is finally hung! After Dad and Hubby hung it, they then had to tape and mud.  Unfortunately, mud takes at least 12 hours to dry, and we need about 3 coats of the stuff!


This shot gives you a better view of the partial wall we removed – MUCH more room to maneuver in here!


So, while they were waiting for mud to dry, the boys also hung sheet rock on the outside of that wall


And moved our attic access. See, the new wall cut our access in half – and since it wasn’t too big of a space to begin with, we knew we needed another hole!


I haven’t been able to help much with anything, but they did let me help sand. Now there’s a dirty, thankless job for you!  But I’m super happy for progress. Next up, paint!


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