Sunday, March 21, 2010

To all viruses, baterias, and other nasties in the area,

Dear Nasties,

This is your formal written notice. You are requested to leave the Hotel Euless Family immediately. Although your presence has been . . . interesting, your stay is has lead to a multitude of unwanted consequences. The family budget did not plan for four doctor visits in three weeks. Monsieur Pink Eye, Madam Double Ear Infection, Mr Stomach Bug, and Miss Strange Leg Pains are especially requested to leave the entire planet so no other occupants need be subjected to your various ills. We also request that you take all Head Colds with you. While we recognize the benefits to some bacteria in the domicile, all yuckies are no longer welcome.


The Euless Family


  1. Oh bother! Sounds like you've had some crazy times at your house. I'm sorry! Your recent visitor came back and told us all about how cute and beautiful Little Flower is in person. I'm so jealous she got to hold her! I miss you!


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