Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going from normal to giddy to bugged in 30 minutes

Do you ever hate hormones? Like really loathe all the changed pinging around in your body? Like how you can change at the drop of a hat (or drop of a jug of milk) from a normal regular person to a hormone crazed lunatic?

What? No, I'm not talking about any one in particular. And certainly I didn't vacillate between being on top of the world to depths of despair to raging lunatic back to giddiness in 30 minutes yesterday. No, of course not. My hormones are completely regular . . . . and the doctor didn't call yesterday with some lab results saying I need to go on some very important medication that HAD to start Tuesday morning and promise she would call it in right then and then 3 hours later when I make it to the pharmacy they of course didn't have my prescription anywhere in the system but the doctor's office was already closed so I couldn't do anything about it. . . . nope. Of course none of that happened around my house.

No, my house is full of sweetly singing children, who hold each other's hands as the skip peacefully off to their beds at night, while butterflies flitter by and the moonlight spills through gracefully flowing muslin curtains in our own little corner of perfection.

And apparently the sarcasm fairy also likes to visit at certain times of the month around here too, sprinkling her joyful attitude around the whole crew.


  1. LOL!!!!! I love how I ALWAYS relate to your blogs!!! Keep posting sis!!!

  2. WOW! Sounds like things at your house need a few singing animals to add to the craziness! Hope things get better! Love ya!

  3. HE He HE Your words make the images so clearly in my mind! Love you lots sis!


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