Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Visiting Teacher Gives me Vodka and other random thoughts

My life is full.

Full of Joy. Full of Stuff. Full of laughs. Full of tears. Full of projects. Full of kids. Full of "hurry up we're late"s. Full of songs and snuggles.

Full of randomness.

Right now I'm full of writer's block. I've had that wonderful title in my mind for 3 whole weeks now. Have I done anything with it? Nope. Nothing more that write it down. Usually that is just enough to spark . . . something. Something profound, something goofy, something crafty, something lame - SOMETHING.

I got nothing. So instead, I flew standby with 3 small children. That was an adventure. I stressed out over silly, STUPID things. I cleaned my fridge. I printed two more scrapbooks. I worked on my girls' quilts.

And thought. And thought. And thought.

It's such a great title. Instead you get my writers block.

Sorry folks. Hopefully writing through it will jog my creativity. I'm in a bit of a creative funk all around.

*On a side note, my visiting teacher really did give me vodka last month. I've wanted to make my own vanilla for a while now, and she had a neighbor getting rid of a partial bottle. So I have a bottle of Vodka sitting on my counter right now, just waiting for me to get my act in gear and buy some vanilla beans. And for the about 2 of you who are not related to me or Mormon, this was silly because a Visiting Teacher is there from my church to talk about church stuff, and we don't believe in drinking alcohol. And that's all I have to say.

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  1. I'm feeling a little pathetic because every single post that I have read tonight has me thinking..."Oh! We could be great friends! If only I knew where Euless is!" :)

    I'm chuckling over the vodka because I, too, have wanted to make my own vanilla. Did you get around to it? I'm a little nervous...also because I don't have a visiting teacher to give me the Vodka. I'd have to go to the store with my kids and BUY it! (And the liquor store is in the mall and no doubt I would run into my bishop who is also my uncle while I was there making a purchase!)

    I also totally get the great title thing. My friend once said to me "Dandelions aren't flowers anymore" and I think I have written oodles of poems and short stories trying to capture the essence of that line. Aggghhh! I feel some more writing coming on.

    I'm bookmarking you... I really need to go read some scriptures tonight!


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