Friday, January 20, 2012

Ponderings #3

How a doctor visit and a weight watcher’s meeting have more in common than you might think.

*originally written Jan 4

Several months ago I first went to my OBGYN to talk about fertility treatments. We had tried on our own, but it just wasn’t working for us, again.  I had put off this visit for one reason only: I only weighed 5 pounds less than when ‘Lil was born. UGG! I was super embarrassed about it, but finally decided that we just needed to get things taken care of.

As the doctor and I talked about what my body was doing, and how to help it out, he ended the conversation by saying “and then, of course, loosing so weight might help.” I hung my head in shame. Of course I knew that it would help. And I was SO bad at actually doing something about it!
But that changed in November.  I was determined to get into shape.  Of course, two weeks later I found out I was pregnant – but at my weight, it’s not harmful at all to loose some fat while pregnant. Especially because the number 1 way I’m accomplishing it is less chocolate and more apples. No doctor in the world is going to get mad at me for loosing weight by eating fruits and vegetables!
I was doing great – awesome even. I was down about 5 pounds just after I got back home from visiting family. Thanksgiving didn’t mess me up. Even Christmas wasn’t too bad.

And then New Year’s hit.

FOUR POUNDS. I gained back four freakin pounds in two days! I can’t believe it! I had been doing so great! And of course, my first doctor appointment is only a few days later (today, in fact Jan 4th!). So just how much can I do to get that back off in three days? 

I walked – and walked and walked and walked – on my treadmill. I ate SUPER healthy, and didn’t let myself splurge until I’d eaten at least 2 fruits/veggies before hand and still wanted that treat.  I chugged water. I did everything you’re supposed to do.

Now it’s the great day of reckoning.  My appointment is at 2:00. If I drink only as much water as I can possibly squeak by with, and eat really light for both breakfast and lunch, and only just as much snacks as I can to stop me from  throwing up, and what clothes do I have that are really light weight . . . This is the EXACT same situation my thought processes would go through when I was in weight watchers! What can I do to make it look like I had a good weight loss week!

Wish me luck! My scale says I’m back down 2.7 lbs, which is about 3.5 pounds less than that very first appointment!


I just got back – THEY DIDN’T EVEN WEIGH ME!! All that stress, and they didn’t even do it. I
wonder if I can stay down for another month until the next appointment!

And . . .  Introducing our little peanut:

They did change my due date a  couple of days, which is fine. But I got to see my little baby moving its hands around, and the little heart fluttering, and I’m already in love!

For those not fluent on your fuzzy dots, I edited the picture for you (it’s SO much easier to see in person than in a picture! and the other leg is hiding behind the cord right now, but it’s there!)
baby explain


  1. I love the fuzzy dots! I'm also very happy that I knew what everything was without needing the labels. Love you!

  2. I'm impressed, Paily...cuz I had NO clue! Laree, I'm proud of you and your weight loss!! Just so darn excited for you and hubby!

  3. I am with Miss Nelson. I had no idea what things were. However I could totally relate to the thought process of how do I get some weight off quick before the next weigh in. Dang games we play! LOL! Love you lots!

    PS You commented earlier that you thought girly-lou was going to figure things out before Christmas. Did she know?


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