Monday, January 16, 2012

Ponderings #1

*Originally written December 10
Since all my thoughts are currently centered on my condition, I thought I’d go ahead and pre-publish some of those thoughts.  So my regular posts might be slim for the next while, but I’ll still be doing lots  behind the scenes!

Now that I’m six weeks, I feel more confident that all will be well, and maybe I won’t miscarry. I’ve even figured out a reason why.  When I don’t ovulate, my longest cycles are 41 days.  Do the math here, that’s 6 weeks along. I think part of me has refused to accept that this might work out until I passed that cycle mark.  It’s starting to feel more real.

And it’s real in more than one way.  I already don’t fit well in my jeans. Yes, I can still button them up, but by noon I’m super uncomfortable. I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  And the most surprising of all, I’m dizzy all the time.

That’s the one that confuses me more than any other. Why would I be dizzy? And I’m not talking just  a general lightheadedness either. I range from a constant that-feeling-you-get-right-before-you-see-stars to the whole room is spinning to my vision blacking out.  Occasionally this has been brought on by needing to eat. More common though, it’s because I looked over my shoulder too fast, or nodded my head in a conversation too much.

Let’s just say I’ve got some questions for my doctor!

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  1. I had that problem. And for me it was because of lots of things: not enough water, low iron, normal hormone changes, pretty much my Dr. didn't have a real answer for me. (Then again you've probably been to the Dr by now, so this probably doesn't matter.) Good luck with everything!


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