Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How much fun can YOU have with a pin?

Parents often dream about what their children will be like when they grow up. We discuss our dreams for them, our wishes and joys and expectations.  But none of that can happen unless your parenting inspires those attributes.

In an attempt to help my children excel in some of the most important things in life, I’ve introduced them at a young age to some of the these ideals.  Foremost of which, naturally, is Harry Potter and Narnia. The books of course, not the movies. Girly-Lou still can’t make it through a movie with actual people in it without major fear tears. (yes, I realize you thought I was talking about more than being an amazing geek. But this is ME you’re talking about!)

Over the last few months, we’ve been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Yes, I said months. Their attention span is not huge, and we often go a few days in between readings)

Tonight we read Harry’s ordeal with Norbert the Dragon. My children gasped as they discovered Malfoy spying. They cheered when Charlie’s friends flew away. And they worried when Harry got caught.

After the chapter was over, Buddy wanted to know just what a cloak was anyway (you may recall, the invisibility cloak plays a rather important roll in that chapter).  My attempt to explain that it was like a long coat, only without sleeves or a zipper did not go over so well. Instead I received even more questions. Finally, I had Buddy grab his blanket and I draped it over his shoulders in proper cloak fashion. This was better. I even left a corner that could pretend to be the hood.  Light bulbs figuratively flashed above their heads.  Girly-Lou wanted her blanket done in the same fashion.
Three safety pins later, we had this:


It does this geeky mom’s heart proud to see her offspring cavorting around in cloaks.


Girly-Lou decided to howl at the moon in hers (I don’t exactly know why.)


Buddy couldn’t stand still, his was sooooooo cool.


Even ‘Lil thought it was an awesome idea.


“Look, Ma. I’m a hobbit!”


It was a full 60 minutes that the three of them played together. There was much cheering and joy and silliness.  And even requests to sleep in the cloaks. (but reason prevailed, and this did not happen.)


If only I’d known just how much fun 3 safety pins could bring, I think they would have received some in their stockings!
So, what little things have brought joy to your family lately?


  1. This made me happy! Love all the pictures and hearing about their imaginations going to work! Love you all!!

  2. I love this! I will have to remember this when #1 gets older.

  3. Sooo fab! I enjoyed hearing about your kids reaction to Harry Potter almost as much as I've enjoyed experiencing my own kid's.

    ...sigh the joys of reading to your kids!


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