Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ponderings #2

Or, spilling the beans too many times!
*originally written December 22

With my other pregnancies, we’ve been so good to not tell a soul until that first doctor appointment. Until that first real true confirmation that a child is really growing inside you.  Our first hang up was with ‘Lil, when we had to tell our dentist at only 6 weeks along.

Well, things aren't’ going so well this time. Yes, I had to tell my dentist again. And all the nurses wouldn’t stop talking about it, even after I told them that our kids don’t know. I know Girly-Lou is going to figure things out.

I also told Happy Mom. It just kind of slipped out.  Twice a week at our church, we have a killer exercise class.  Only now we have a personal trainer coming that’s seriously kicking our trash. Only a few days after I took the test, I was just dying – crazy dizzy, blacking out, just not being able to give as much as she wanted! Happy Mom asked if I had any idea what was wrong. Of course I knew what was wrong!  And since no one else was around right then, I told her.  So, at 5 weeks, two people know now.

Then Hubby lets it slip to Happy Mom’s Hubsters.  So they BOTH know. The funny thing is, they never told each other that they knew!

Then I had to tell that personal trainer, so she would understand why I just couldn’t do everything that I had been doing. So know, at 6 weeks, 4 people know.

I just keeps on going! Everywhere I turn around, there is someone, for some reason, that just needs to be told.  Around the dinner table last week, Hubby started talking about a pilot he was flying with, and telling the story about how we have 4 kids and how surprised the pilot was and . . . UMMM STOP TALKING IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN DEAR! Remember that little ears listen and don’t know things yet!

But I know Girly-Lou is going to figure things out. I’m surprised if she hasn’t already. Hubby and I talked about it, and we’re going to tell the kids for Christmas.  I picked up a plain stocking and stuck a giant question mark on it. Then I found an old rattle and attached the following poem to it, and put it all inside the stocking.

One more present for three wonderful kids.
(We’ll explain it soon, don’t flip your lids!)
Why would a stocking have no name?
And a rattle? Is Mom playing a game?
No, it’s something much more.
An announcement of something you can’t buy at the store.
Our family numbers only five for now,
But next year six, do you know how?
Yes, a baby is on the way.
Mommy will be getting bigger every day.
A brother? A Sister? Who knows yet.

But a sibling for Christmas - how lucky can you get!

I cried the whole time I was writing it. I bet I sob when I read it to them (*update: I TOTALLY sobbed!)


  1. LOVE the poem! And it makes me happy that both Dean and I knew and neither of us told each other.

  2. Oh, I love it! I'm just so happy for you!

  3. I would just like to point out that as of Dec 22 I knew too! And this still makes me happy.

  4. The poem is so cute!! I wish you had a video of you sobbing cause I am sure it was fantastic! Love you all!


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