Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drop Anchor

Ready for another full room before and after?

Here's the room's first second incarnation. (when we first moved it it was just storage).  I really didn't do much decor for 'Lil's nursery. It was much more function based.

Then we moved Buddy in . . . and I didn't take any pictures!  But picture the same beige walls, strange green rug, a dresser, and a twin sized frame & box springs with a crib mattress on top.

Classy, I know!

The entire time I was working on the girl's room, Buddy asked when I would work on his. So it's with great joy that I show you the following!



Over the next few weeks I'll post with the details (and tutorials) for the different parts of his room. But for today, let's just call it a job well done! 

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Update:  check out the rest of the room


  1. Some day when I can afford it I would love to hire you and let you go crazy at my house!! Love you!

  2. Love it! It turned out so great!!

  3. Johnathen must be in heaven. What great room for a handsome young man. So happy for him, so amazed by you

  4. I LOVE the painted port hole! That is so simple and so creative! Love independent web bloggers like yourself! Come stop by ours,

  5. Drop Anchor and love the quote on the wall. Fabulous!

  6. Hi Laree,
    We are very interested in talking to you about your home interiors work. My colleague has sent you a private email. Hopefully you'll get it (check your spam folder if you don't!) and would be so kind to get back to us.

    Many regards,



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