Friday, July 22, 2011

Bedroom Stage 4: everything else

About a week before I showed the whole room, I actually thought I was done. And then I turned around and realized I'd never planned a thing for one whole wall!  After some thinking, and re-discovering THIS tutorial, I knew what I wanted!

At first I was wanted to use this picture:

Can you believe she painted that whole thing with wall paint and kids brushes? Beautiful!

But when it was done, the colors did NOT match the room. However, after putting it on my bed . . .

I think it will be perfect for my room!

Instead, I swiped a picture off my sister's Facebook page (I still wish she would have put me in her suitcase for that cruise!), photoshopped in the tiny sailboat and the lighthouse (in real life it was right next to this ocean scene), and filtered it so it looked more paintingish.

One note for this method: plan on it taking forever. Seriously. Actual time spent isn't that much, put I had to print everything 4 times (all because I was stupid and bought the clearance square frames instead of splurging for the perfect rectangles. This led to some frustration, but eventually it worked out!)

I made my own monkey fists. I first tried to use this tutorial (and got the idea from her), but eventually found this one to be easier.

I used small rubber balls from the dollar store for the centers. I tried using jute for the actual rope, but after 30 frusterating minutes, I gave up and spent $6 on rope.

The quote under is just vinyl I cut with my Silhouette.

Lets see . . . what else.

The dresser we had before, and the shells were a gift from a neighbor.

The curtians came with the house.

Oh, paint color! It's called Lemon Suffle by Behr.

Paint: $30
Monkey Fists: $7
Mural: $3 (canvas) + $4 (fixative w/40% coupon) =$7
raingutter supplies $10

Total this stage: $55

Grand total for the whole room: $85

Now that's a room on a budget!

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