Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Preponderance on Paper

Growing up, my sisters and I knew my Mom was somewhat of a toilet paper snob. Not that she'd ever call herself such, but she was very picky about her TP.

We even had discussions on toilet paper. Not frequently, but we had them.

With that history, I find myself aware of the selection in other bathrooms. I notice textures, thickness, how well it holds up.

I lean towards the brand I knew as a child.  But I am not exclusive in my paper purchases. I've dabbled with other thicknesses, other textures (but never other colors. Really, matching your tp color is just going a bit to far!).  I recently discovered a store brand that exactly mimics my favorite childhood brand and have felt much happier about the current price point of my tissue.

It's just so annoying to be doing your business and discover you are out of the precious stuff.  And on my quest to raise my children to be self-sufficient, I have become uber conscious of the level remaining on every roll. I change every single roll myself.  I check the level of supplies in each bathroom. I do NOT want my children to be without (they are still grasping the whole cleanliness thing anyway - I've got to make it as easy as possible on them!)

But  . . . I just realized I'm taking something away from them too.  My kids don't know HOW to change a roll of TP.  That's not being self sufficient. So, today, as I notice the almost empty roll, I pledge to change my ways. Today I will teach Buddy this all important task. I will make him in charge of changing every empty roll he sees.

And someday, his wife will be grateful that her husband is so thoughtful.

Ok, so I'm sure most mothers have attempted to teach their sons this. And I know that in all likely hood, he won't do it at all once he's a teenager. But for today, I'm going to go with my lofty dreams and be at peace!


  1. You're cute! Go Buddy! Change that TP!

  2. Way to go. By the way I was not a snob, just felt a desperate need to have TP that was gentle (because I used it a lot) and strong enough to do the job.

  3. So... is this store brand a local thing, or could someone say... as many miles away as I am find out the kind so I can save a few bucks?

    Also, random fact: I enjoy changing the TP roll.

  4. My kids have a stack of rolls in the toilet next to the loo AND a garbage bin for the empty rolls. Do you know what they do?? They start a new roll, leave the old empty roll on the holder and place the new roll on the floor. They are totally incapable of changing the roll!

    Good luck :)

  5. lol, love your blog. I literally laughed out loud! Though I never felt the word snob for mom, it was obvious that only certain brands were ok. Love ya lots sis!!!

  6. Hey sis.

    You've told me before about changing how people can respond to me... but it is my understanding that it would be through e-mail, and my e-mail address in my first and used to be last name, so I don't really want that getting out. That is the reason for making it difficult. Sorry if it bugs, but I don't really want that info public.

    Love you!


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