Monday, July 18, 2011

Bedroom Stage 2: Name Wall

I used the same foam letters for Buddy's name as I did in the girls room.  But I did them just a little different than before. By the time I got around to picking these up, they were on clearance. (and I may or may not have driven 40 minutes to pick up a 50 cent letter)

Since the were all different colors, I started by spray painting the sides dark brown (that's the color I had). 

After a quick distressing with ink,

I modge podged scrapbook paper onto the front.

One tip: if you are tracing letters onto the back of paper,

make sure you turn the letter over too.

Otherwise, you'll end up with a bunch of letters that just don't fit.

(not that I'd know ANYTHING about that!)

To attach to the wall: take a small nail and shove the point side into the back.

Then, take the nail out and put the head side in the hole you just created.

Stick it up on your desired location of the wall, and scratch a tiny hole.

Hammer in your nail, and put the letter back on!

The wheel and anchor were actually a door knocker from Hobby Lobby. It took about 10 minutes with a hand held tiny saw blade to cut the metal piece connecting the two, but for $5 I got two wall hangings!

The branch across the top I got several years ago, and was actually the inspiration for the whole room. I . . . convinced Buddy that he wanted sailboats so I could use it! It's just resting on a couple of nails.

Letters: $4.50 (clearance)
Paper: 50 cents (on sale)
Door knocker: $5 (40% off coupon)
Branch: already had

Total cost this stage: $10

Total cost so far: $20

Whole room
Stage 1


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