Monday, August 4, 2014

The Post I don't Want to Write.

Loss this week: + .6

Total lost: 12.4 lbs


It happened.  I had a HORRIBLE week, and seriously fell off the wagon.  And I gained.  Not only did I not loose the 1.75 that I'm supposed to each week, I GAINED HALF A POUND BACK.

Why did this happen you may ask?  It's simple - remember those hormone pills I have to take?  Yup, totally in the middle of those.  Which also means I'm pmsing, and I still don't have my points calculator back.  I tried to keep track with talley marks, but I was really bad at actually marking down.  Plus I kept on forgetting just how many points I get a day, and deciding it didn't matter if I went over a little, but didn't keep track of how many I was over for the week.

In other words, I realy didn't care about being good, and failed to pray every time I wanted something caloriefull and not a smart food choice.

I am weak.  My flesh is very weak. And when I don't ask for help to make my spirit strong, it doesn't come.  Asking isn't hard - wanting to be healthy more than pig out  is what is hard!

On the plus side, yesterday morning I was actually up 1.6, so at least I was good yesterday. And I can be good again today . . . although I still have 4 more days of pills and no calculator (that thing SERIOUSLY helps me!).  But no matter: this is me, recommitting myself!


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