Monday, August 11, 2014

Back on track

Loss this week: -2.2

Total lost: 14.6

 Oh that number is so much better!  Loosing another 2 pounds (ok, it's only 1.6 if you subtract my gain from last week!) but this puts me at a number I haven't seen for 3 years.  It's a beautiful number! If I loose another two this week, I'll be where I was when I delivered 'Lil. 

My biggest problem is that total number - at this point I should really be close to 18 lost if I want to make my insane goal.  I've got to kick it into high gear here.  Hopefully my calculator will come on Wed (please oh please oh please Mom remember to bring it with you!) and that will help so much. I just don't track well on  my own. I'm trying to keep a talley on my fridge, but it's so much harder than on that calculator!

Life is also so much better when one is no longer pmsing or retaining water from said pms.  It's like there's hope again in my weight loss!

Here's to another week down, and an even better one coming up!


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