Monday, August 18, 2014

A decent week

Loss this week: -2.0
Total lost: 16.6

 Super happy with that two pound loss.  It was hard to get back in the habit of tracking points with my calculator (but SOOO happy to have that one back!).  I had seriously let myself slip on keeping track, so it was hard to decrease the food again.  But that's ok.  My only qualm is I should have had a bigger loss (it was bigger on Friday!).  I guess having cake two days in  row is seriously not great for a loss week!

Next week I will have been on this journey for 2 months.  I wanted to be down 20 pounds by then - which won't happen.  But still, as of today, my weight matches my delivery weight with 'Lil.  It's still way more that what I wish it was, but I haven't seen these numbers in almost 2 years!

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