Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Fridays #2



When I was 8 or 9, I remember they installed this fancy thermometer at my school.  It was hooked up to the outside (wired, of course!), and showed in big red numbers a very accurate real temperature.  We all thought it was the coolest idea ever.  But the first time I walked by I knew it was wrong. How did I know?  Because I had watched the weather the night before.  The thermometer said 78, and the weatherman had said it was only going to be 76 degrees that day!

I soon learned better. 

Actually, it shocks me just how good the weather predictions are now.  There is so much technology truly tracking things, so much history to accurately compare it to. It is not an exact science, but is sure is much closer than my elementary days!

And with Hubby being a pilot, the weather is kind of  a big deal around our house.  He knows all the really good sites to track storms, can read these weird number thingies and know exactly where the clouds are (elevation wise), how long they will be there, and what to worry about next.

What about you – do you pay attention to the weatherman?

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  1. While on my mission, there was a phone number we would call to get the weather. It was never quite right. But it was better than nothing. Now I trust the weatherman kind of. Just enough to know if I should pack a jacket for the littles.


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