Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Day

*So apparently I never actually did hit publish on this post! This was actually my day LAST Thursday, not today.

5:15 – ‘Lil crawls into my bed. Shoot, now I can’t wake up early. Oh well, since Hubby is flying, I’ll let her come.

5:43 – wake up to ‘Lil’s nightmare. calm her down.

5:51 – kicked in kidneys.

5:54- kicked in stomach

6:01- kicked in thigh

6:09- kicked in arm

6:36 – decide I’ve had enough kicking, and need to get going.  Spend 20 minutes calming ‘Lil back down and put on a movie for her.

6:56 – take 5 minutes to quickly read a scripture or two.

7:01 – 7:15 – start mixing up first cake, measuring the water 3 times because I keep on getting it wrong.  Also try and figure out how to fit 3 cakes in my fridge.

7:23 – First cake in oven, start mixing up second

7:26 – Buddy and Girly-Lou wake up.  Attempt to instruct them in the morning ritual while still mixing.

7:27 – stop mixing to rescue the entire box of raisin bran that ended up in the sink.

7:34 – take another look at the sweet pork in the crockpot (placed there night before). Realize there is NO possible way that those two roasts will actually cook through with all the other stuff that needs to be put in there. Call my sister to borrow a second crock pot. Shoot, her’s is broken. 

7:36 – second cake in oven, start mixing jello.

7:40-7:56 – get 3 kids dressed, two girls hair done, 2 lunches packed and family scriptures read. Also pull out first cake and pour jello over it.

7:57 – mix up third cake, put in oven

8:01-8:09 – check all homework, practice spelling, pull out second cake, pour over jello.

8:10 – get 2 kids out to bus, change Jellybean’s diaper (good morning boy!)

8:11-8:42 – get Jellybean dressed, finish third cake, call friend to borrow her crock pot instead, decided to just finish everything at the church so pack bag with all the rest of the ingredients, measuring utensils, dish rags, towels, and all possible serving utensils needed. Attempt to get in exercise clothes, run around like a crazy person, try to feed Jellybean, realize we’re already late to take ‘Lil to special preschool, throw the 2 younger kids in car and race to school.

8:59 – 9:03 – drop off ‘Lil. Race to exercise class.

9:16 – get to church for exercise class. Feel guilty that everyone has been waiting on me for the key to get inside.  Let them in, and spend 10 minutes unloading car.


9:55 – let in RS committee to set up stuff. Even though I’m stinky, it’s the best choice.

10:00 – 11:20 – finish making sweet pork, set up 6 tables, set those tables, make copies, find every stupid little round table (WHY can’t we have rectangles at this place?) to set up for the activity portion. Feel vastly inferior at my amazing committee’s skills.

11:20 – 12:00. Kill some time, realize I’m on fumes but pay day is tomorrow. Stop and put one gallon of gas in car.  Head to get ‘Lil from school.

12:01-1:00 make lunch for ‘Lil, feed Jellybean, try and clean something in my amazingly crazy kitchen, put Jellybean down for a nap.

1:03: try and check email for a minute.  Realize Jellybean is NOT going to sleep, so get him up.

1:52 put Jelly bean down (for the 5th attempt!) for a nap

1:55 finally make my lunch

2:07 get ready to take a shower

2:08 realize it’s early release and the kids will be home any minute now from school.

2:09 – 2:38 wait for the bus to FINALLY GET HERE ALREADY (and wish I would have gotten in the shower at 2!)

2:39: kids off the bus, check backpacks, get snacks, send outside to play.

2:44 finally shower

2:53 play with my kids!

3:58 get dinner ready for kids.  Also attempt to make my hair look decent and throw on some lipstick.

4: 15 baths and pj for 4 kids (crazy!)

5:20 head to activity.

5:30 – 8:45 Finish setting up dinner, greet people as they come, talk to the girls in charge of the children’s class, have fabulous activity, clean up whole building. Wrestle kids back into car and drive home.

9:00 give Jellybean antibiotics, Girly-Lou shot, ‘Lil sipper of water, and Buddy a big hug and get them to bed.

9:16: finish typing this up. Hitting publish and going to bed now!


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