Friday, March 8, 2013

Random Fridays #1

So I’ve been thinking for a while about this little ol’ blog.  I started this blog almost 4 1/2 years ago now. That is just crazy!  It’s always been a place for me to just be me.  But once and a while I forget that, and I start worrying about what my readers are thinking of me. Judging me. Which is REALLY stupid, since I’m related to 80% of you!

Anyway, all this thinking might end up with some changes. I want to start running this a bit more like a professional blog. I don’t expect it to make me any money, or even get big. But I like when blogs have some scheduled things.

With that in mind, I’m instituting Random Fridays.  Why? Because I’m random, and Friday is a fairly easy day for me to post.  There is a business close to my house that follows a similar idea.  They have one of those typical ad boards.  But never once in the 3 years I’ve lived here, have they actually advertised on it.  Instead, it sports jokes, or puns, or just crazy ideas.  Some of them are old jokes. But many of them are unique (at least to me!).

So most of my posts will be pictures of that board, along with some thoughts.  And here’s #1:


Hah! Yup. I’m pretty good at that! Honestly is a HUGE thing for me – I don’t lie. PERIOD.  However, I like to be nice. So I’m pretty good and some creative truths.  For example, let’s say I had the family vacation from hades.  I won’t tell you that. I’ll tell you “We spent so much time with family!”. Complete truth, but doesn’t tell you just how awful it was!*

Which is why I love the vague!

What about you?


*this is a hypothetical scenario. I love my family!

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  1. I was glad to see the fine print. I've always thought time with family is a bit of heaven on earth. Love you all!


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