Monday, December 10, 2012

It’s Great To be EIGHT

One reason for doing a friend birthday every 4 years is it hits all the “big” ones – 8, 12, and 16.  In our church, 8 is the age you get baptized, and we wanted to make everything special.

It’s become tradition in our building that the family serves a dessert after the service.  Everyone always does a sheet cake from costco – yummy, but a little pricy and then someone needs to dish it up and you have to get all the supplies and the clean up and – I didn’t want that!

I was excited when I saw this:

but then bummed when I realized she didn’t offer it as a printable!  But it’s so cute! The doughnuts make an 8, it’s self contained, no one needs to dish it up. Perfect! I figured I could make my own.

I found the bags at Joanns – wilton brand, mini size, in a package of 100. The are about 4 inches wide.

Then, using this tutorial, I spent a ridiculous amount of time making chalkboard looking toppers:

And printed and cut them out at fedex   *TIP: it was cheaper to print them black and white, and the looked almost the same.
Then the assembling began – 1.5 movies later and I was done!  in all, I spent about 5 hours working on this.  Want to save yourself 3 hours of time? Download this picture and your toppers are ready!

The day was wonderful – and the treats adorable!



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  1. how do I download the picture? Thanks for your help!

    1. click on the picture to make it full size. Then right click it and select "save image as". Save it to wherever you'd like on your computer!

  2. Thanks for such a fun treat topper! My nephew is getting baptized next month and these will be perfect. Did you use mini or regular size doughnuts?

    1. Tiffany, I used mini ones - they fit in a bag better!

  3. Thank you! I also tried to find the green ones to print - so happy you made these to share.

  4. Thank you sooooo very much!!! These turned out very cute and you obviously saved me a ton of time!! Thank you for sharing

  5. Thank You so much! I saw the green ones two but ... anyways : )

  6. Thank you Soooo Much for sharing!!!!


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