Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a Very Harry Party: invites

Of course, the first thing you need is to invite everyone!


I used THIS template for the owls – but I didn’t like the orange background.
So I some quick photoshoping.  I opened the file, and then dragged it onto a new transparent background. Using the magic wand, I selected all the orange and deleted it.  Then I just put a brown digital scrapbook paper behind it.  I printed them out (they turn out to be 5 x 7 size) and assembled.

I loved THIS idea of a secret message hidden in the typical Hogwarts acceptance letter.  When you wrote down all the red letters it spelled out “It’s ____’s birthday party”  I cut out the papers, crumpled them up, and then lightly rubbed a brown ink pad over it to age the paper.

You can find McGonagal’s signature HERE on the side of the article.
To assemble – I needed a really little hole punch. I didn’t have one, so I instead I put the owl page on a pillow, and shoved a thick yarn needle through the paper. IMG_9800
A quick easy little hole for the cute baker’s twine to attach the scroll.

I also printed the addresses in emerald green on the envelopes. (The font is called abermarle swash, found HERE)

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