Friday, December 7, 2012

A Very Harry Party: Spell Books


I was super excited when I found THIS link for these spell books. I  love it when the hard work is done for me!  But hers were formatted to be full page – I didn’t want to use that much paper. So I ended up reformatting them be half page size.
I had fun wandering around Joann’s looking for the perfect “book” fabric, and ended up with this fun stiff velvety stuff on clearance – so the whole lot only cost me $1.50 to make. The outside page I did with blank cardstock to add some structure, but the whole thing is just sewed together.  It’s a lot of sewing, but to make 8 books only took about an hour.

One trick that I learned back in my high school sewing class will help: don’t take the fabric out of the machine. Just backstitch, and shove the next book right up next to it. You’ll end up with a big string of books that you then cut apart later.

She also has a Magical Creature book, which I just added to the back of mine. I took my own pictures of “creatures” and just used descriptions from JK Rowling’s book “Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them.” and changed them a bit to fit.


We used these for our game later.
The day of the party, I gave the kids a few minutes to study the spell book for their favorite spells.


Then we headed outside to play the game.

Our Game: I hid the “creatures” from the book around all around – 1/2 in the front and 1/2 in the back.
The kids were split up into houses, and got to race to find their creatures first. To capture a creature, they had to locate it, read the description from the book, and cast a spell on it. Then they had to bring it back and put it in their bin.


Ravenclaw was the winner.  They had so much fun they decided to hide the creatures for each other while I got lunch ready.

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