Monday, August 2, 2010

Living room before and after- FINALLY!

I think I might have decorating ADD. I'm having a very hard time sticking with one project through completion. And when I do actually complete something, I'm already working on 6 other things, so I forget to update you with the details.

Oh well. There are worse things in this world!

So months ago, I posted about my awful sanding job. Remember, the hours and HOURS of sanding to remove that unbelievable texture on my walls? Let's reminisce:

Yes. THAT texture. The next step was paint. After much deliberation, colors were chosen. Happy Mom and I spent a wonderful afternoon slapping paint around. Then I stepped back and . . . . Well. It wasn't awful.

But I didn't really like it. It was decidedly ok.

Boy was that a dilemma! I didn't want to (or have!) another $50 to put down for more paint. So the room sat there for weeks, just in limbo land.

Then one day I gave myself permission to make mistakes! I have a really hard time putting up pictures - I've spent too many years in rentals where nail holes were major deals. But we own this house. I can do what ever I want to it! So I did. I put up all the pictures. It was nice! I needed new curtains - but just put up the old ones for now. Not bad!

So now I like the room. Half finished is not the time to make judgement calls. It's not done - I still want to make some throw pillows, need to paint a couple of frames, and I'd like some better curtains - but it is SOOOOOO much better than the original!

So here we go.

The beige blah before:Yes. Beige walls. Beige carpet. Beige curtains. This room needed some color! (OK, this picture is actually from the middle of the sanding adventures. There were actually pictures on the walls at some point!)

Green Prettiness!*the weird looking sign has our last name on it. It looks totally normal when not photo shopped.

Before: frilly blah curtains:
After: same curtains with a seam removed. With a decent wall color, they look pretty decent!
Before: the most hideous pointless ceiling fan ever created:

I entered this in an ugly lamp contest! No wall switch, only takes 3 night light bulbs, and uglier than anything!

After: breath a sigh of relief! Hubby and my Father in Law wired this puppy up (dimmer and all!) so there is actually a usable light in here!
And some extra shots just for fun:

We also finally put up a door frame here:(and my happy little console table!)
The switch in the corner is the one we installed:In case you couldn't tell, the far wall is actually an accent wall. The light color is Behr Sagey, and the dark is Egyptian Nile.

I'm super happy with it now. I know it won't stay this color forever, but for a couple of years at least, here's my new room.


  1. What a beautiful job you have done! Thanks for sharing!

  2. A lot of labor and love went into your projects here. I am loving the new colors and textures that abound. I am having a before and after party going on now...every other Wednesday is when I have it. Also every Friday I do a garage salen party, you may really like that too. Hope to see you soon. Debbie

  3. Wow, what a change! You must be so happy!

  4. what a great change, you sound super thrilled about it, too! neat idea to redo those curtains, and you're right, they look waaaay better! stopping by from remodelaholic.

  5. Hi Laree! Great job! I love the curtains, I would have never thought to remove a seam, but it really made them work. Sometimes just the little changes make all the difference!


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