Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying to not give myself Ulcers

My oldest starts kindergarten. one week from today.

There are the obvious things about this. How on EARTH could this tiny little creature:
be old enough to go to school? (and how did I become grown up enough to be her Mom?)
Do we have everything ready? Where are we going to put all the papers? Can I actually pack a decent lunch for her? Will she have fun? Will she be ok?

And then there are some more specific worries:

  • Will she stress out about riding the bus by herself (cause she stresses, A LOT, about little things, especially if she's never done it before)
  • Will she be able to find her class, her supplies, her bus without stressing out?
  • Will she be able to actually open her string cheese/applesauce/ziplock baggie at lunch?
  • Will she make good friends, or just flaky people that I don't really want her to be around?
  • Will her teacher try to teach her things that go against what her parents tell her?
  • Will she be picked on because she is such a messy person - really. When she eats, when she crafts, when she plays, she makes an amazing mess. Way more than her little brother.
  • Will she be completely exhausted and amazingly grouchy with a 6 1/2 hour school day?
  • Will her brother cope with his full time playmate gone for most of the day?

Fear of the unknown is one of the hardest fears to overcome. And this Mom is trying SUPER hard to not let her young become aware of just how freaked out I am for her. Instead I'm trying to emphasise the positive, both to her and for me.

  • She's almost reading, on her own.
  • She loves to learn, about everything.
  • She thrives with social contact-something we've been missing since we moved a year ago.
  • She insists on a "perfect" person to the outside world, which means she's the biggest angel around with others and waits for the bad with me.
  • There are dozens of people there just to help her get through her day.
  • She's only a 3 minute drive away.
  • Kindergarten is not college. The hardest thing she'll be doing is learning how to write something other than capital letters.
  • Someone else, who is actually paid to do so, will now get to answer her hundreds of questions.
  • How could I not want my child to grow, to learn, to stretch, to become what she is meant to be.

I love my Girly-Lou. I will miss her energy, her joy, her insane spaghetti faces all day long. But I want her to become an even more incredible person. So I will begin to send her out into the world.

And she will come back to me.


  1. Kindergarten is so fun! She'll do great, and so will you. :)

  2. That was a sweet post! You will both do great with the change! Can't wait to see you all!!

  3. Wow, yeah, Girly Lou really has grown up, and Buddy Boy is right behind her! Love ya!!!<3

  4. Wow, she was a little tiny thing!

    My twins just started kindergarten 5 weeks ago. And we're managing. Really. Like, my house is cleaner than it's been since before they were born. They're thriving, and learning, and growing, and I'm thriving, and learning, and growing, and the baby gets a good nap in the morning because her brothers are SO NOISY when they're home . . . everyone wins. So far, so good!

    Of course, we have no bus issues, since our school has no bus service . . . but still. Lunch time was enough to make me worry about Garrett, but he really stepped up.

    She'll be fine -- and so will you. Promise.

  5. Loved this post. Brings back so many memories. Different worries. Same feelings and wondering if my child will be OK. Love you all. Can't wait to hear about the big day.

  6. It's very scary but she'll adapt and so will you! I've got three kids, two of which have moved well beyond Kindergarten. Hopefully you'll be relieved to know EVERYONE looks out for the kids in Kindergarten-at least they do in all the schools we've been through. Teachers help them find their things, lunch ladies help open their juice boxes, and others will even help get them on the bus with all their stuff. She'll make friends on the bus and sounds like she'll turn into a social butterfly! (I suggest taking her on the first day, if you can, just because..well it is her first day of school AND there's tons of stuff they have to carry! It can be tough getting all that first day of school gear on and off the bus when they're not use to it.)

    The biggest adjustment will probably be yours to make with your baby going off to school for the first time! lol I know it was for me! Good luck!

  7. Here in our school district they have suggested you see your child onto the bus... then drive to the school where you meet them as they get off the bus. Then you can help with taking on the tons of stuff they take plus be there to walk them to their class and see that they are all adjusted. It worked great for all six of my kids... you will do great and so will she!!! Love ya lots!!

  8. wow I had forgotten what a tiny little sprite she was, I hope that the first day was really great!! you will all survive!! there are some amazing things that happen at school, one of the greatest is watching your little person in a new place and to know she is able to suceed because you are brave enough to allow her to experience this new chapter!!! Hugs

  9. Aw! You captured the mom thing perfectly!

    I was wondering the other Day how your boy's doing without her, but I forgot to ask.


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